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Warhammer Fantasy Battle

A livejournal discussion Community

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Community
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This is a community for those who love Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Make any posts that you see fit, whether they are army lists, tactics, pictures of models, etc. This is unofficial, though, and in no way recognized by Games-Workshop, I get no profits from this, and it's simply made for those who love this damn cool game.

Just a little poll to fill in for your Warhammerin/Livejournalling Pleasure...

Poll #223292: Warhammer_FB new member questionnaire
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Do you play Warhammer? (Hopefully your answer to this will be yes!)

What would you say the race you use/collect primarily is?

If your answer to question two was "other" please specify in the box below

Please select any other armies you collect (you can tick more than one)

How long have you been playing Warhammer For?

How would you rate your playing skill level?

How would you rate your painting skill level?

Please enter anything else you wish to add in the box below



Other mod:waxapple AKA somnambulist