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SKin of my teeth

Went through the battle against Ogres last night where they were sieging me.

The game was tied. 876pts to 869pts.

In the end he had breached 2 walls and held 1 objective while 1 was uncontested and 1 was held by 3 remaining xbows. I had my relief force of 20 Outriders sitting outside who could have turned the battle either way.

I had some uncanny luck. My General with an Obsidian Blade (ignores armour saves) wounded an ogre once out of a unit of 9 who sieged his wall that he was on. The effects caused them to break from the combat and flee until they ran off the board some 2 turns later. I guess he made a particularly scary face?

My engineer who sat around polishing his repeater pistol most of the game because the Rocket Battery he was on only missfired once (and so re-rolled it, successfully) fired through a peep hole in an uncontested wall section held by a unit of lead belchers on my flank, shooting a Lead Belcher in the eye and causing the unit to also flee off the field

Meanwhile my level 4, non-upgraded Fire mage, managed to devestate because my opponent kept forgetting about Flame Cloak, and he and my unit of xbows saved 1 wall section by not only beating back, but killing to a man his other unit of Lead Belchers who inflicted just slight casulties.

My relief force consisted of 20 Outriders and a unit of 9 Hammer-Knights (hammer knights being my extra 250pts of support). The Hammer Knights stormed the main gate and managed to be killed to a man but inflicted about 5 wounds in the attempt.

Talk about great luck? I only failed 1 fear check, no panic checks the entire battle, and over half of that unit not only managed to hit at ws 1 (only 10 attacks at the time) but managed to wound 5 out of the 6 times they attacked, taking out 1.5 Ogres in the process who had regen! lol

Close fight, not as one sided as i predicted it would have been. The Empire did well defending the objectives despite all odds. In the end I gained 1 gold and lost 1 gold for the siege, but wasted 6 gold taking fire upgrades on my cannons I never had an opportunity to use because at the last minute he changed his army list and took out warmachines. Dang =/
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