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Despite a serious case of stomach related illness I managed to feel better somewhere around 8pm last night. I jumped into my truck and headed to a friends house who wanted to see me.

So i gave him 200$ for his empire stuff. That would include...

Kurt Helborg and Ludwig, 3 classic metal captains, a Grand Master and Sigmar Priest, a number of classic engineers and plastic converted ones. 4 plastic wizards and The limited edition Fire Mage (the one on fire), 20 plastic swordsman, 20 metal Flagellants, 25 metal Greatswords (with 5 unassembled plastic ones), 50 or so handgunners, a cannon, 2 rocketbatteries and a Volleygun (all plastic), 5 pistoleers + 10 unnassembled pistoleer/outriders, and 10 Knights with lances. The Greatswords are painted up in Nuln colors, a few handgunners and a number of the warmachine crew the same. Everyone else is either primered or not and everything is assembled and cleaned very well or still on sprue.

I'd say I got a pretty good deal with this, especially since he has already given me a plastic Steamtank and a Marius Leitdorf ages ago.
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