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Hashed Confusion

So i recieved the new Empire Rulebook. Seeing a Outrider unit leader (who is mounted fyi in rulebook) on foot standing on obstacles of an older artwork piece from the previous Empire rulebook was my first warning.

It is very odd, almost confusing, what they did to the units within this rulebook. They gave 99% of all the units a points increase despite the fact that in other armies units which have superior options or stats are less (such as Marauders... or even Clan Rats), shuffling across the board that all full command options are now a total of 30pts each. In addition they either changed the rules for units (often more complex but weaker then before -as in ALL of the unique warmachines they possess) or gave needless wargear options to those that didn't. For instance? Shields for Halbadiers? Halbards for Demigryph riders? They gave a full command option to Archers -who are still skirmishers but now have Detachment options (WFB first) for 2 less points then what they were before (from 8 to 6). They made Inner Circle Knights a simple upgrade are no longer Special Choices for Knights (yay). But on the same note they took the Archer upgrade known as Huntsman, decreased there points from 10 to 8 (yay), and then made them a Special Choice. In addition they took inner Circle Knights, increased them by only 3pts (from 24 to 27) and gave them Stubbern -also as a Special Choice (Reikland Knights).

It has been a cruel game of give and take. Detachments now benefit from the common special rules of its parent units -but can no longer stand and shoot at any range. Fair I think. Command units have increased to 30pts across the board (10pts each) and the Generals/Captains confer Cold Blooded to the units they directly lead -but at a greater increase in points. Wargear option for them have been decreased in points, but they have fewer wargear options (still they don't COME with plate, instead Light Armor. 4pts or H. Armor or 6 for Plate... why wouldn't you take plate? Stupid).

So, in short, expect to see a lot of Knightly Orders and Demigryphe riders and far fewer war machines.
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