warlord683 (warlord683) wrote in warhammer_fb,

building stuff

I purchased sunday the last part of my 3k list for Undead. Basically a Terrorghiest and a Mortis Engine. I have a lot of Regen in the army (The Stroigoi, a vamp hero w/ Seed of Rebirth, Crypt Horros and now the Terroghiest) so the Mortis Engine will give my army that much more survivability and putting it that much closer to my ultimate idea of a pure Strigoi List. Until then I'm still stuck with a unit of skeletons and a unit of Grave Guard until i get more ghoulish things!

The Terrorghiest neck was pretty annoying. I had to dissassemble part of its head to put the hairs down the length of its neck. FYI? Don't glue the model to the base. Paint it first. Too much detail that your spray can will find difficult getting to.

I already know the deal with the Mortis Engine, assemble it in parts and paint seperately.
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