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Empire marches to war... again

Today i turn in my character lists for magic gear and stuff. Armies are supposed to be built as you see fit around them, so you are not limited to a completely singular army list per 'flag'.

This negative will no longer kick me in my arse.

Additionally the Dark Elf player seems to be suffering from a nervous breakdown, and so the Chaos Player who was taken out at the beginning of this campeign will be taking his slot (who is currently his vassel). Unfortunate for him, great for me! The Dwarf player and I, along with the Chaos Player, have agreed to an alliance and we will head indominably north until such time as we decide to kick each others asses.

Meanwhile my 6 banners of Gamer Elite Undead await to be unleashed upon the battlefield >=D throwing down 21 banners in all onto the battlefield once the siege is over, thanks to the Chaos Player deciding to ally with me! Time i direct them towards the Lizardmen and hope for the best!
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