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So the Fantasy Map Campeign is starting back up. Major rules have been changed. People may or may not have wound up missing.

For starters we no longer have 'fixed' army lists. We have 'fixed' characters. The Lords and Heroes cannot be equipped identically with the exception of 1 similar piece of magic gear (Or mundane stuff) comparing 1 character to another from different army lists. This INCLUDES Powers and abilities that can be purchased by Slaans and Vampires. So no more Cupped Handed Lifers that get an extra die per spell ALL the time.

This was a huge benefit to me as I had completely run out of ideas for army lists and litterally ran out of effective magical gear options for all the characters that I had in each of my army lists.

I have 2 new Vassels, both of which are Vampire Counts (both of which will have substantial keeps and both are veteran players that know wtf they are doing) and both of which who are gunghoe at destroying those around my territory. Now that each of there armies have 2k each and they will have 3 Keeps each, time to wreck some bloody havoc.

Siege rules are totally different and are using ALL the new Siege rules in the new Siege Rule book. Armys, also, can spawn within a Keep rather then having to have a free tile beside it to do so, which allows some of my keeps that have been surrounded earlier in the game to be effective again.

Lastly, if your capital falls you can now go to another City under your control and make it your Capital. A few turns will make it so you only produce half your amount of gold, but otherwise you are still in the game.The unfortunate side effect is that now i have to pay for every Keep and army that I have. Yeesh. Luckily I've been saving up. Now i just have to keep the Dark Elves at bay.

I'm totally going to f'in destroy people now. FINALLY i can make effective lists now that I have nearly free reign to field them how i want. I will have to keep an eye on the favoritism shit but no more mr nice guy when it comes to army lists. Theme is fricken out the window. Its time to END this campeign and slap some high and mighty bullshit from peoples perspective again!!!!!

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