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Vampire Stuff

So i have been messing around with army lists just for shagrins. I already have an idea what i'm going to field in a 2k+ army for what I have, not bad but i'm sure i'll add to it in the future.

I've come up with some rather rude creations for characters, some of which are pretty rediculous and ment for higher point games by far. Some are just a real pain, even in lower point games... So here are a few that i've listed under the cut for your amusement!

Vamp Lord, Level 4 Mage
Red Fury (every unsaved wound inflicted = immediate extra attack)
Beguile: (target in b2b w/ vamp takes -3 ld test. Failed = re-role hits)
Forbidden Lore (Beast)
Total = 415pts
*Why this is awesome: Transformation of Kadon. Transform yourself into a Mountain Chimera. The way ppl have been talking about it you won't loose your Vamp Powers, just your magic gear and your ability to cast spells. With Fire Breath you have 4D6+2d6 Attacks in one round of combat (4d6 are poisoned, the 2d6 are flaming) that are affected by Red Fury. Unfortunately (and thankfully) your general must have Lore of Vampires to field a legal army, so you won't be seeing Sir Bitey too often.

Combo can be used for a Vamp or Vamp Lord...
Fear Incarnate: (enemies re-role fear check when vamp is in b2b)
Aura of Dark Majesty: (reduce all enemy units ld by -1 w/in 6" of Vamp)
*Why this is Awesome: Stick him in a unit that uses The Screaming Banner (enemy units taking fear tests while in combat w/ banner must role 1 extra die and take away the lowest and then re-role it if they pass thanks to the vamp) and watch fear tests fail... a lot

Vamp Lords only
Level 4 (Death or Vampire)
Quick Blood: 30pts (always strikes first)
Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate, Beguile
Dread Knight: 10pts (+2WS but must issue a challange and/or must except all challanges)
Helm of Discord: 30pts (+1 Armour save. choose 1 character in b2b & it takes ld test. Failed = it can't attack and gets automatically hit in melee)
Sword of Anti-Heroes: 30pts (+1 Attack & +1 Str for every character in b2b w/ Vamp & Its unit)
Heavy Armor & Shield: 9pts
Total = 495pts
Why this is Awesome: When combined with Death, especially Doom and Darkness, he can inflict a -7ld test on an enemy character w/ Beguile, or a -4ld when using the Helm of Discord. It doesn't matter if that character is immune to psychology or not and both Beguile & the Helm can be affected by modifiers. OUCH x_X Against a Low leadership army this guy is EVIL! Again this build works VERY well with The Screaming Banner as well.

Strigoi Ghoul King
Quick Blood
Red Fury (Every wound inflicted = 1 extra attack)
Sword of BloodShed (+3 Attacks)
The Other Trickster Shard: (Models in b2b w/ bearer must re-role successful ward saves)
Potion of FullHardiness: (Devestating Charge & Immune to Psychology for 1 turn)
Total = 430pts
Why this is Awesome: Hatred that works every turn & 8 Poisoned Attacks (9 on the charge) that force a ward-save re-role. And for every wound inflicted = extra attack. Ouch!

"The Indominable"
Vampire Lord: (this is not including magic levels, though it would be +105pts for a level 4)
Trickster Helm: (enemies re-role successful roles to wound against wielder)
Heavy Armor & Shield
Warrior Bane: (every wound inflicted causes -1 attack to characters & Monsters)
Talisman of Preservation: (4+ Ward), Curse of the Revenant: (+1 Wound) & Beguile
Total = 385 to 490pts
Why this is Awesome: If your dealing with a player who thinks going after your lord will be an easy task, then a 3+ Armor save, a 4+ Ward, and 4 Wounds should say otherwise. Lore of Vampires & The Hunger should keep him well healed and the fact that your foe needs to re-role every successful wound (on a T5 target) and maybe every successful hit thanks to Beguile is just rude. The Warrior Bane will add insult to injury every time you wound his characters, making them less and less effective against a target that is already hard to damage. Though hardly a 'punch' by comparison to other builds, this combo is a VERY good build for a 2k game where a Master Necromancer w/ Master of the Dead is not always neccissary. In a higher point game sometimes the Talisman of Preservation is unwarrented, when you can take a Seed of Rebirth with a Mortis Engine around (to improve its regen to a 4+ after a bit), making it just as rediculous defensivly for less points which may allow you to mess in other magic lores if you so desire.

"Count BoomStick"
Vamp Lord: Needs to be a Level 4 Spell caster.
Master of the Black Arts (Re-role 1 dice to determine strength of Winds of Magic)
Forbidden Lore (Fire)
Rod of Flaming Death: Enchanted Item (Magic missile 18" causes D6 Flaming Str 4 hits. Any casulties caused = immediate panic test. In the following turn if the unit moves at ALL models take a str 4 hit)
Power Stone: (add 2 die to existing die he is to role for casting a spell)
Total = 525pts (yeesh)
Why this is Awesome: Put this sucker next to a Mortis Engine with a Blasphemous Tome. If Kindle-Flame goes off your spell attempts will be at 6+D3 to cast on a Fire spell. This is a HammerBlow Character, something that could devestate T3 armies in seconds with hardly enough Dispel dice for most armies to stop from happening. Again, ment for higher point games, but worth every point to sit back and watch the battlefield burn.
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