Ghost of Fate (bladenkrath) wrote in warhammer_fb,
Ghost of Fate

first tournament in a decade...

A buddy of mine convinced me to join a doubles tournament with him. it'll be my first tourney in a decade, so i figured why not. neither of us are seriously competative, we just want to go and have some fun and we've decided to field a fluffy Empire list from the city-state of Nuln.
The teams are made up of two 1200point armies (one for each player) for a combined 2400point list double-force.
combined we'll be fielding:

4 engineers, no extra gear
6 10-man ahndgunner units with a standard and sniper rifle in each
6 mortars
4 cannons
2 steam tanks

we figure it'll either win or lose by the end of turn 2
it's fluffy and will be painted black

the strengths are obvious:
against hordes, mortars. against monsters, cannons. against heavy scary things, tanks. against mages, snipers...etc.
the weaknesses are crippling!
no magic phase whatsoever! highest leadership score is 7! mobility is nonexistent! the army is a serious glass cannon that could kill itself with one bad misfire roll. also, we can't touch ethereal anything, so vamps could just destroy us on deployment.

our plan of attack is to have some fun and blow things up.

for glory, for the emperor, for Nuln!
(who brings a sword to a gun fight anyway?)
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