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I just finished a unit of 30 Spearmen. I have about 34 to go to finish the horde formation (or simply put, another unit of 30 + some spares), and i painted another mortar. I finished a banner too. I don't make Empire commands formal, as in not for any 1 particular unit so it doesn't really matter what it is for just that a banner is done, lol.

I preordered the Vampire Counts Army book and the magic cards, to which i owe the credit for a 50$ gift card to make that possible, and picked up the current White Dwarf.

I did notice something about the Battle Report, the points cost for the Skeletons. A unit of 40 with full command is only 230pts, assuming a full command is 30pts that leaves Skeletons now at 5pts each. YAY! This makes sense, being 1 point above Tomb Kings. For starters they can probably still march within range of a vampire and probably can still be raised beyond there starting amount.

Second thing I noticed? Blood Lines appear to now exist, as well as Vampire Skills do also. Yay!
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