The Angel Blackheart (blackheart666) wrote in warhammer_fb,
The Angel Blackheart

Badlands... End of spring team battle.

So... end of season team battle. "Siege of Ekrund". The teams were Beastmen, two Skaven and my Chaos Warriors vs High Elves, Brettonians and one Ogre player( other Ogre player couldn't make it. Forces of Destruction had my Warriors and one Skaven army at 2500the points each, defend the fortress against 5k of Ogres. The Elves and Brett decided to double team the Beadsman player and leave the third table uncontested.

Ogres weren't able to block 2nd Skaven army from entering play on main table. Beastmen held up the double team and the fortress defense wiped out the Ogres. Brettonian general was captured by the beastmen and they immediately sacrificed him.

I really didn't like the tactics they used, but it blew up in their face.

I think the forces of Destruction are getting mean this turn.

Also had a talk with the High Elf player about why I didn't like the armies he is running. His explanation is that he feels he has to because he can't beat thee Destruction armies in a stand up fight. He offered a "no compete", ie:I don't touch his stuff and he wont interfere with me.

Im ok with that, ill be even more ok with it if I can get both Skaven players to join me in a full assault on the Brettonians next turn.turning
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