The Angel Blackheart (blackheart666) wrote in warhammer_fb,
The Angel Blackheart

Badlands... emphasis on "bad"...

So... fought the Brettonian player again... he had 300 points on me. Sent him packing and dispersed his army. It was scenario 2 out of the main book and he had to stack about half of his army in the left flank of his side... which had a sinister statue that just murdered his knights.

He charged my chaos knights(5) with a unit of like 10 knights that had his BSB in it. My Tzeentch knights killed half his unit and ran down the rest after making 8the saves. He charged my hell cannons with a unit of knights after a cannon misfired and out a strength 10 blast on his grail knights that killed all but 3. The hall cannons then ate the questing knights and a unit of Chaos Warriors (Tzeentch) broke and ran down the Grail knights and a unit of knights errant. Marauders massacres some peasants and my Chosen did nothing because they got deployed on the far side of my flank away from the fight.

Then I had to play the High Elf guy again in a seige. He pulled the "invincible archmage" trick. I conceded the game after that. He's just mot to play against. I've decided that if I have to fight him again, its just going to be "roll on the table".

If I don't play him until the day after never, it will still be too soon.
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