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Surprise! [17 Jun 2012|06:27pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I went to my local GW today and played a game of Warbands and preordered about 50 Skaven Slings. In addition to sucking at my Warband scenarios today a buddy of mine who works for GW asked to borrow my giant rats for a diarama photoshoot. Woot! When I pick them back up on Wednesday my buddy with the Eshin army should be in, to which I'm well on my way to easily completeing a skaven army with his contrabution. So despite doing deplorable at Warbands it turned out pretty good today!

Last night I finished 15 of the Night Runners too. Only took me a few hours. Thank you Coal Black from Privateer Press you make painting ninjas very easy.

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Progress [17 Jun 2012|12:11am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Painted about 15 Night Runners today for my Skaven Warband. That comes to those, 20 Giant Rats + 5 Pack Masters, and 1 Chieftan.

Still waiting to hear back from my friend about his 2k unpainted Eshin army from back in Storm of Chaos Times. He might want to do a trade which would be good as I have a lot to trade, lol

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Proof! [09 Jun 2012|08:03am]

All this yapping on and off that I have been working on things. Finally got around to posting some pics of 'some' of the things I've completed. I have my Crypt Horrors, my Ogre Maneater Conversion (for a contest) and a Warhammer Warband that i'm currently working on (Skaven). I hope to post again soon, and again, DANG YOU CAMERA! So much detail lost...

PS: Heavy on the pics. Low KBS, but still just a fair warning

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Wood Elf Army for Sale [17 Apr 2012|06:33pm]

Anyone looking for any Wood Elves? I am a long time lurker, but I'm hoping to sell one of my "non-primary" armies to raise a little cash for a new car.

Here's what I have. It's a solid start to any army, and i think it would be a lot of fun to play, I just don't have the time to paint and play more then my Dwarfs and my Space Marines at this time.

Wood Elves
OOP Orion
OOP Treeman
17 Glade Riders (8 primed, 9 bare plastic)
5 wild riders
14 War dancers (all metal 4 VERY oop)
2 spell singers
3 metal Tree Kin
24 dryads (bare plastic)
20 Eternal Guard
43 Glade Guard with 2 commands
1 codex
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Hmmm [16 Apr 2012|07:19am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Despite a serious case of stomach related illness I managed to feel better somewhere around 8pm last night. I jumped into my truck and headed to a friends house who wanted to see me.

So i gave him 200$ for his empire stuff. That would include...

Kurt Helborg and Ludwig, 3 classic metal captains, a Grand Master and Sigmar Priest, a number of classic engineers and plastic converted ones. 4 plastic wizards and The limited edition Fire Mage (the one on fire), 20 plastic swordsman, 20 metal Flagellants, 25 metal Greatswords (with 5 unassembled plastic ones), 50 or so handgunners, a cannon, 2 rocketbatteries and a Volleygun (all plastic), 5 pistoleers + 10 unnassembled pistoleer/outriders, and 10 Knights with lances. The Greatswords are painted up in Nuln colors, a few handgunners and a number of the warmachine crew the same. Everyone else is either primered or not and everything is assembled and cleaned very well or still on sprue.

I'd say I got a pretty good deal with this, especially since he has already given me a plastic Steamtank and a Marius Leitdorf ages ago.

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ENOUGH! [14 Apr 2012|11:25am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Dear Robin Cruddace;

When you say "The Empire now has MORE Synergy," I thought it necessary to give you a slap across the face. How can it have 'more' synergy when you field less of the same, and in some cases even weaker then the sum they have replaced?

The few improvements you have installed into this rulebook in no way outstrip the points increases or rulechanges you have incorporated for even the most basic of infantry types found within. As it is believed by many to be your third rulebook failure the fact that you remain employed by games workshop is a mystery by the same.

Please find a different occupation and leave the gaming side of my hobby alone.


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The Empire [09 Apr 2012|12:29am]

[ mood | awake ]

Despite my dislike over the current rulebook it is practically void of ruleholes and goes out of its way to express the limitations of special rules that certain units and has a better hold on grammer (like the Priest abilities or even the Locus powers of both the Hurricanum and the Luminarc). BUT... I've checked BOLS and a few other sites to see if my question has already been answered and no one has brought it up so i'm looking for an opinion.

For the Celestial Hurricanum it says under its special rule; Portents of Battle: "The Hurricanum and all friendly units within 6" have a +1 bonus To Hit in close combat" as written. I believe this stacks with other Celestial Hurricanums as it refers to "THE Hurricanum" as in "This 1 confers..."

If they didn't wish for this to stack I'm positive they would have written similar to its Locus of Azyre rule or purposefully mentioned its innability to stack as they have for all the other effects found in the rulebook. If it shouldn't be stacked it would be written "All friendly units within 6" of 1 or more Hurricanums..." which would not be too far different from its other special rule Locus of Azyr which specifically says "If you have 1 or more hurricanums on the battlefield at the start of your magic phase, add 1 dice to your power pool."

Some might argue letter over Spirit and I can't help but read the last paragraph of its fluff saying "(within the presence of it) They (empire soldiers) are able to predict the actions of the foe with uncanny accuracy, and know exactly where and when to strike a critical blow." In my eyes having 2 Celestial Hurricanums effecting the same unit would help to focus those predictions.

Also, i fully am aware that 1's still always fail when rolling to hit =P

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Hashed Confusion [07 Apr 2012|03:14pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So i recieved the new Empire Rulebook. Seeing a Outrider unit leader (who is mounted fyi in rulebook) on foot standing on obstacles of an older artwork piece from the previous Empire rulebook was my first warning.

It is very odd, almost confusing, what they did to the units within this rulebook. They gave 99% of all the units a points increase despite the fact that in other armies units which have superior options or stats are less (such as Marauders... or even Clan Rats), shuffling across the board that all full command options are now a total of 30pts each. In addition they either changed the rules for units (often more complex but weaker then before -as in ALL of the unique warmachines they possess) or gave needless wargear options to those that didn't. For instance? Shields for Halbadiers? Halbards for Demigryph riders? They gave a full command option to Archers -who are still skirmishers but now have Detachment options (WFB first) for 2 less points then what they were before (from 8 to 6). They made Inner Circle Knights a simple upgrade are no longer Special Choices for Knights (yay). But on the same note they took the Archer upgrade known as Huntsman, decreased there points from 10 to 8 (yay), and then made them a Special Choice. In addition they took inner Circle Knights, increased them by only 3pts (from 24 to 27) and gave them Stubbern -also as a Special Choice (Reikland Knights).

It has been a cruel game of give and take. Detachments now benefit from the common special rules of its parent units -but can no longer stand and shoot at any range. Fair I think. Command units have increased to 30pts across the board (10pts each) and the Generals/Captains confer Cold Blooded to the units they directly lead -but at a greater increase in points. Wargear option for them have been decreased in points, but they have fewer wargear options (still they don't COME with plate, instead Light Armor. 4pts or H. Armor or 6 for Plate... why wouldn't you take plate? Stupid).

So, in short, expect to see a lot of Knightly Orders and Demigryphe riders and far fewer war machines.

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Can't wait [16 Feb 2012|07:17am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Until they redo the Lizardmen Rulebook.

Slaans with +1 Power dice to cast every spell with a 2+ Ward against mundane attacks and cupped hands has offically gotten old and in my opinion is too powerful for this current edition. I mean why wouldn't you take a Slaan with Lore of Life like this? There is no reason why you shouldn't because its that powerful. Boring as all hell having to fight 3 Lizardmen players with NOTHING but this combination, but seriously? Why would you not?

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building stuff [14 Feb 2012|07:27am]

I purchased sunday the last part of my 3k list for Undead. Basically a Terrorghiest and a Mortis Engine. I have a lot of Regen in the army (The Stroigoi, a vamp hero w/ Seed of Rebirth, Crypt Horros and now the Terroghiest) so the Mortis Engine will give my army that much more survivability and putting it that much closer to my ultimate idea of a pure Strigoi List. Until then I'm still stuck with a unit of skeletons and a unit of Grave Guard until i get more ghoulish things!

The Terrorghiest neck was pretty annoying. I had to dissassemble part of its head to put the hairs down the length of its neck. FYI? Don't glue the model to the base. Paint it first. Too much detail that your spray can will find difficult getting to.

I already know the deal with the Mortis Engine, assemble it in parts and paint seperately.
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My Capital Siege... Did it hold?! A narrative of events! [12 Feb 2012|09:51am]

[ mood | cold ]

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SKin of my teeth [10 Feb 2012|06:48am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Went through the battle against Ogres last night where they were sieging me.

The game was tied. 876pts to 869pts.

In the end he had breached 2 walls and held 1 objective while 1 was uncontested and 1 was held by 3 remaining xbows. I had my relief force of 20 Outriders sitting outside who could have turned the battle either way.

I had some uncanny luck. My General with an Obsidian Blade (ignores armour saves) wounded an ogre once out of a unit of 9 who sieged his wall that he was on. The effects caused them to break from the combat and flee until they ran off the board some 2 turns later. I guess he made a particularly scary face?

My engineer who sat around polishing his repeater pistol most of the game because the Rocket Battery he was on only missfired once (and so re-rolled it, successfully) fired through a peep hole in an uncontested wall section held by a unit of lead belchers on my flank, shooting a Lead Belcher in the eye and causing the unit to also flee off the field

Meanwhile my level 4, non-upgraded Fire mage, managed to devestate because my opponent kept forgetting about Flame Cloak, and he and my unit of xbows saved 1 wall section by not only beating back, but killing to a man his other unit of Lead Belchers who inflicted just slight casulties.

My relief force consisted of 20 Outriders and a unit of 9 Hammer-Knights (hammer knights being my extra 250pts of support). The Hammer Knights stormed the main gate and managed to be killed to a man but inflicted about 5 wounds in the attempt.

Talk about great luck? I only failed 1 fear check, no panic checks the entire battle, and over half of that unit not only managed to hit at ws 1 (only 10 attacks at the time) but managed to wound 5 out of the 6 times they attacked, taking out 1.5 Ogres in the process who had regen! lol

Close fight, not as one sided as i predicted it would have been. The Empire did well defending the objectives despite all odds. In the end I gained 1 gold and lost 1 gold for the siege, but wasted 6 gold taking fire upgrades on my cannons I never had an opportunity to use because at the last minute he changed his army list and took out warmachines. Dang =/

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Empire marches to war... again [04 Feb 2012|12:23pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Today i turn in my character lists for magic gear and stuff. Armies are supposed to be built as you see fit around them, so you are not limited to a completely singular army list per 'flag'.

This negative will no longer kick me in my arse.

Additionally the Dark Elf player seems to be suffering from a nervous breakdown, and so the Chaos Player who was taken out at the beginning of this campeign will be taking his slot (who is currently his vassel). Unfortunate for him, great for me! The Dwarf player and I, along with the Chaos Player, have agreed to an alliance and we will head indominably north until such time as we decide to kick each others asses.

Meanwhile my 6 banners of Gamer Elite Undead await to be unleashed upon the battlefield >=D throwing down 21 banners in all onto the battlefield once the siege is over, thanks to the Chaos Player deciding to ally with me! Time i direct them towards the Lizardmen and hope for the best!

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Re-Fun? [29 Jan 2012|09:10am]

[ mood | rejuvenated ]

So the Fantasy Map Campeign is starting back up. Major rules have been changed. People may or may not have wound up missing.

For starters we no longer have 'fixed' army lists. We have 'fixed' characters. The Lords and Heroes cannot be equipped identically with the exception of 1 similar piece of magic gear (Or mundane stuff) comparing 1 character to another from different army lists. This INCLUDES Powers and abilities that can be purchased by Slaans and Vampires. So no more Cupped Handed Lifers that get an extra die per spell ALL the time.

This was a huge benefit to me as I had completely run out of ideas for army lists and litterally ran out of effective magical gear options for all the characters that I had in each of my army lists.

I have 2 new Vassels, both of which are Vampire Counts (both of which will have substantial keeps and both are veteran players that know wtf they are doing) and both of which who are gunghoe at destroying those around my territory. Now that each of there armies have 2k each and they will have 3 Keeps each, time to wreck some bloody havoc.

Siege rules are totally different and are using ALL the new Siege rules in the new Siege Rule book. Armys, also, can spawn within a Keep rather then having to have a free tile beside it to do so, which allows some of my keeps that have been surrounded earlier in the game to be effective again.

Lastly, if your capital falls you can now go to another City under your control and make it your Capital. A few turns will make it so you only produce half your amount of gold, but otherwise you are still in the game.The unfortunate side effect is that now i have to pay for every Keep and army that I have. Yeesh. Luckily I've been saving up. Now i just have to keep the Dark Elves at bay.

I'm totally going to f'in destroy people now. FINALLY i can make effective lists now that I have nearly free reign to field them how i want. I will have to keep an eye on the favoritism shit but no more mr nice guy when it comes to army lists. Theme is fricken out the window. Its time to END this campeign and slap some high and mighty bullshit from peoples perspective again!!!!!


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Vampire Stuff [27 Jan 2012|12:06am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

So i have been messing around with army lists just for shagrins. I already have an idea what i'm going to field in a 2k+ army for what I have, not bad but i'm sure i'll add to it in the future.

I've come up with some rather rude creations for characters, some of which are pretty rediculous and ment for higher point games by far. Some are just a real pain, even in lower point games... So here are a few that i've listed under the cut for your amusement!

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first tournament in a decade... [11 Jan 2012|03:14pm]

A buddy of mine convinced me to join a doubles tournament with him. it'll be my first tourney in a decade, so i figured why not. neither of us are seriously competative, we just want to go and have some fun and we've decided to field a fluffy Empire list from the city-state of Nuln.
The teams are made up of two 1200point armies (one for each player) for a combined 2400point list double-force.
combined we'll be fielding:

4 engineers, no extra gear
6 10-man ahndgunner units with a standard and sniper rifle in each
6 mortars
4 cannons
2 steam tanks

we figure it'll either win or lose by the end of turn 2
it's fluffy and will be painted black

the strengths are obvious:
against hordes, mortars. against monsters, cannons. against heavy scary things, tanks. against mages, snipers...etc.
the weaknesses are crippling!
no magic phase whatsoever! highest leadership score is 7! mobility is nonexistent! the army is a serious glass cannon that could kill itself with one bad misfire roll. also, we can't touch ethereal anything, so vamps could just destroy us on deployment.

our plan of attack is to have some fun and blow things up.

for glory, for the emperor, for Nuln!
(who brings a sword to a gun fight anyway?)
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Woot [08 Jan 2012|07:13pm]

I just finished a unit of 30 Spearmen. I have about 34 to go to finish the horde formation (or simply put, another unit of 30 + some spares), and i painted another mortar. I finished a banner too. I don't make Empire commands formal, as in not for any 1 particular unit so it doesn't really matter what it is for just that a banner is done, lol.

I preordered the Vampire Counts Army book and the magic cards, to which i owe the credit for a 50$ gift card to make that possible, and picked up the current White Dwarf.

I did notice something about the Battle Report, the points cost for the Skeletons. A unit of 40 with full command is only 230pts, assuming a full command is 30pts that leaves Skeletons now at 5pts each. YAY! This makes sense, being 1 point above Tomb Kings. For starters they can probably still march within range of a vampire and probably can still be raised beyond there starting amount.

Second thing I noticed? Blood Lines appear to now exist, as well as Vampire Skills do also. Yay!
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Badlands... End of spring team battle. [07 Jan 2012|10:41pm]

So... end of season team battle. "Siege of Ekrund". The teams were Beastmen, two Skaven and my Chaos Warriors vs High Elves, Brettonians and one Ogre player( other Ogre player couldn't make it. Forces of Destruction had my Warriors and one Skaven army at 2500the points each, defend the fortress against 5k of Ogres. The Elves and Brett decided to double team the Beadsman player and leave the third table uncontested.

Ogres weren't able to block 2nd Skaven army from entering play on main table. Beastmen held up the double team and the fortress defense wiped out the Ogres. Brettonian general was captured by the beastmen and they immediately sacrificed him.

I really didn't like the tactics they used, but it blew up in their face.

I think the forces of Destruction are getting mean this turn.

Also had a talk with the High Elf player about why I didn't like the armies he is running. His explanation is that he feels he has to because he can't beat thee Destruction armies in a stand up fight. He offered a "no compete", ie:I don't touch his stuff and he wont interfere with me.

Im ok with that, ill be even more ok with it if I can get both Skaven players to join me in a full assault on the Brettonians next turn.turning
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Badlands... emphasis on "bad"... [05 Jan 2012|10:23am]

So... fought the Brettonian player again... he had 300 points on me. Sent him packing and dispersed his army. It was scenario 2 out of the main book and he had to stack about half of his army in the left flank of his side... which had a sinister statue that just murdered his knights.

He charged my chaos knights(5) with a unit of like 10 knights that had his BSB in it. My Tzeentch knights killed half his unit and ran down the rest after making 8the saves. He charged my hell cannons with a unit of knights after a cannon misfired and out a strength 10 blast on his grail knights that killed all but 3. The hall cannons then ate the questing knights and a unit of Chaos Warriors (Tzeentch) broke and ran down the Grail knights and a unit of knights errant. Marauders massacres some peasants and my Chosen did nothing because they got deployed on the far side of my flank away from the fight.

Then I had to play the High Elf guy again in a seige. He pulled the "invincible archmage" trick. I conceded the game after that. He's just mot fu.fun to play against. I've decided that if I have to fight him again, its just going to be "roll on the table".

If I don't play him until the day after never, it will still be too soon.
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Blood in the Badlands week. [04 Jan 2012|12:41am]

Not much happened week 2. Build a couple mines.

My random event was lame.

Attacking Brettonians and high elves again. Maybe results will be better

Actually getting some back up from one of the skaven players.

Team game on the Thursday... which means I get saddled on a team with too terrbad skaven.

Not happy with that.
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